Open URL Shortener Source

This project is developed by me (Rodrigo Polo) and in the beginning was just an idea I got when I was struggling to make a function to convert from numerical to alphanumerical ids, I found one on the internet and works great for the project I was working on, then I tough "I can use this for a URL Shortener" so I decided to code it and in less than a day I have it done and published online.

I really believe in Free Software and Open Source so I decided to license the project as GPL and I give all the code for free expecting some future cooperation with some developers, the latest version is on a beta state and the source is not public, if you want to contribute contact me on twitter @rodrigopolo.

Download the original Open URL Shortener from Google Code

Although at first I just did this site as a hobby I said to myself "why not compete with the rest?" so after about 20 days of development I made this new version from graphic design to development.

I have a lot to thank the following people who helped me solve much technical stuff:

Geovanny Avila @GeoAvila

Raul Fuentes @betitorafs

Jean Carlo Solis Ubago @jsolisu